sapYa eates your spam...

A registration for every shit? And then your e-mail is burnt because it is spammed all over right away? We put a stop to that because from now on, sapYa eats your spam!

About sapYa

This project is the result of an idea because we realized that spam mails rapidly increased after the registration to a new forum/board/chat.

Dotman generates a temporary valid email address these mails are sent to. If necessary, the prefix of this email address can be created by you. So you can say that Dotman provides a classical so called "throw-away-email-address" for your use.

This email address is valid for the length of the session, in other words the time you spend on that website (category email). The email check-up works automatically and the user is informed right away.

After leaving the site, this generated email address becomes invalid and the server will not accept ANY emails send to this address.


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